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Project Description
ServerState displays computer information (computer name, IP adresses, ...) and the status of the SwyxWare services on the windows desktop. Helpful when you are using a Remote Desktop to manage the SwyxWare. The small tool is written in C#.



The application displays an information area on the Windows Desktop. The first part of the area contains information about the computer. The second part indicates the current status of the SwyxWare services. With the two upper buttons you can move the information erea on the desktop or you can close the application.


The ServerState executable decreased his own process priority to "Below Normal". When starting the program with as list of services as command line parameter, the application shows the status of these selected services.

Latest File Version

Name: ServerState.exe
Size: 28 KB
MD5: B04FD336 3447AC5F D149CD60 E6EB0D4D

Additional information are available here: Swyx Forum.

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